Sunday, October 17, 2010

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For quite some time now - well, OK, most of my life!! - I have loved old things, from linen, china and glassware, down to I guess what you would call the "sensibilities" of particular eras - like the 1950's for instance.

From post WWII to the very early 1960's, both class and gender lines were very clearly drawn, directed and, for the most part, embraced by society at large.  Women were very clearly feminine.  Families dressed for dinner, and everyone met without fail around the dinner table every night, even if it was to tackle some new fangled thing (TV dinners anyone?!) just launched to housewives everywhere.

There were pretty specific colour palettes back then too.  Manufacturing was advancing, but not fast enough to expand colour choices past electric brights (red, orange, lime, yellow) or pastel gelatos; pink, aqua, and white - aqua and white was, after all the No 1 colour combination for the American automotive industry during this period - and for good reason - they look fabulous together!

So, this year, to celebrate the memory of what was a golden era, I have been inpired to include a heavy sprinkle of 1950's America - I hope you like it!

All items will be available for order through my online store, which you can reach through the link at the top right on the blog, or you can also reach it via the website.  Orders can be placed now through to December 20th.  Last day for delivery is December 23rd.  Last day for mail order (cookies and coconut ice only) is December 18th.

Cookies are available in
Spicy GIngerbread, Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Sable

Cupcakes are available in all my regular flavours.


  1. Freaking amazing! I LOVE everything!

  2. It's too early for Christmas!! : ) But as usual your work is amazing!

  3. These are just beautiful! Honestly the sweetest things I have ever seen!

    I have blogged about them


  4. I'm also a lover of vintage, especially the fashion part. Personally, I prefer 1920's because of the wonderful flatter fashion but you had me reconsidering 1950s with your creations! : ) I can almost smell Christmas!

  5. Thanks you all for your wonderful comments - Digella, I will be right over!

  6. These are gorgeous! Love these colours for can never start planning too early! x

  7. Love it ! Just curious are the invites available?

  8. Yummy looks so good and beautiful nice work. Love your blog come check out mine at

    Have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year

  9. Found your blogpost via Pinterest! This is amazingly cute and festive! I got really inspired and are baking the cute christmas trees tomorrow. Thanks for great inspiration!

  10. mmmmmh wie lecker deine Kekse sehen umwerfend aus!!!!!zu Schade um sie zu vernaschen!!!
    GGLG Tanja