Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Well, here it is, the end of the year, and what a year it has been! First, I'm not quite sure if I blinked and missed it, or quite what happened, but where did the year go? I would swear that the calendar should still be open to around April 24th! Second, what a year! Such an incredibly great year, and for that I have my great customers to thank, so please accept my most heartfelt "Thank You" for a great year, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you next year (which starts tomorrow - ack!), with more great cakes, cupcakes and cookies in the sweetest style.

To close out the year, I thought that I would recap some of my favourite works - Best Cake, Best Cupcakes, and Best Cookies.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Best Cupcakes:

Christmas 2009, Snowman Army!

Runner Up

Summer 2009, Complete Wedding Melbourne Magazine!
Best Cookies

Christmas 2009 Corporate Snowflakes!
Runner Up

Parisienne Poodle Cookies!

Best Cake
October 2009, Grace!

Runner Up

November 2009, Cheryll!

So that's it folks, 2009 is now officially marked "closed"! My diary is filed (as well as filled!!), my phone is on silent, my husband is home (I know, amazing!!), the airconditioning is humming, the sparkly stuff is chilling... all in all, everything is on track to fall asleep on the couch by 9:30!!!

Have a fantastic New Year's Eve, and may your 2010 be very bright, happy, successful and safe.

See you all back here next year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Whew - it's all over! What was supposed to be a quiet 10 days or so in the lead up to Chrissy for me to get everything organised, actually turned into some of the busiest days of the year!

First up we had a very last-second order enquiry for a 50th birthday, "what the heck, I thought, why not"?

The only order specifics was for it to be white with black stripes, and a 50 to feature somewhere... this is what I came up with. Very striking, and I do hope it was enjoyed! (The sugarpaste "50" was also treated to some black edible glitter)

This particular client also then added some last minute gifts to their order - packages of small gingerbread snowflakes, with white royal icing flood and detail work, and silver cachous for bling, all tied up with lovely rich orange satin ribbons.

Next up was an order for a traditional bourbon fruit cake, with non-Christmassy decorations. This is what I decided upon, and I am thrilled with the end result:

The cake is covered with white fondant over almond paste, and decorated with sugarpaste butterflies and a custom, double-petalled pink flower. Royal icing swiss dots encircle the cake above a white satin ribbon.
Next order was for some large gingerbread snowflakes, again with white royal icing flood and detail work, with both large and small silver cachous for bling. These were for a networking group Christmas function.
Each snowflake was bagged individually, and tied with red statin ribbon.
Then yet another order for more large gingerbread snowflakes! This time for a corporate use, with custom edible images attached. Royal icing flood and detail work, and some silver cachous for bling. These cookies were bagged individually for custom boxing by the client prior to being sent to their destinations.

Next order in the diary was for yet another corporate order! Christmas cupcakes this time, with a Snowman Army and a Christmas Tree forest making up the numbers. Both the snowmen and trees are 100% edible.
These snowmen are fondant, resting on top of fondant sprinkled with sparkling sugar snow.

These Christmas Trees are sugarpaste, with silver cachou bauble decorations, planted in white fondant dusted with sparkling sugar snow.

Then last but by no means least, and especially as in my last post I did promise some shots of my own Chrissy baking, here is my own Chrissy cake, on my dining table, ready for my guests to sit down to eat.
This cake is (bottom tier) white truffle raspberry, and traditional bourbon fruit cake (top tier). The cake is sitting on my most precious, vintage Fenton ruffled milk glass cake stand.
Well, that's the last 10 days taken care of! I checked in on the Boxing Day sales this morning, and picked up a couple of "bargains" (they will qualify as bargains when I actually wear them!!), and now am off to finish cleaning up after yesterday... is it just me, or does wrapping paper, once torn from its gift, seem to multiply? I swear I didn't use that much when I was doing the wrapping!
I do hope your Christmas was merry, and happy, and that you have a fabulous New year at the end of the week.
We are back into full wedding mode now for the next few weeks, and will show you everything as we go along, just like always.
Make sure to check back in around the middle of the month for our first international giveaway!
Happy new Year everyone - see you on the other side!!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week ending 6th December 2009

We have a winner! Out second giveaway was a hoot; it was so great to read your throughts on the super-talented cake salon of Maisie Fantasie. Now, without further ado, and the assistance of

we have a winner:

Congratulations to The Dainty Indulgence! Could you please get in contact with your mailing details; your prize will be posted out to you.

Thanks to everyone for entering, and look out early next year for our first international giveaway!

Now, a couple of weeks back, we helped Sarah-Jane usher in her first birthday... here are the first photos from the day:

And now we move into last weeks work:

First on the list was an order for Secrets Shhh salon at the new Chadstone shopping centre. This was a colaboration with a PR firm, Sharp Public Relations, who was hanndling the event for Secrets.

The design brief was for diamond solitaire cupcakes... I think we filled the brief to perefction, don't you?

Image courtesy Liz Sharp, Sharp PR.

Our next order os business is another 1st birthday celebration, this time for the lovely Lily. All thedesign work was developed to match the birthdy girl's party invitations.

So, that wraps up another Sweet! week. I now have two weeks of R&R before Christmas, but will be back next week with my last post for the year, with some shots of my personal baking for the festive season - I finally had the design for the Christmas dinner cake come to me lst night, and it's going to be gorgeous!

We jump straight back into work immediately after Christmas!

Happy baking everyone, see you next week!