Tuesday, November 30, 2010

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | Cookie Bunting |

Here is another photo of my cookie bunting, which ahs been receiving rave reviews from all who have seen/ordered one since their recent debut:

(Image courtesy Wildberry Studio & Design)

Monday, November 29, 2010

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | Baptism Cake |

Every now and then, I strike a client that requires no guidance in terms of design.  They have a clear idea of the concept that they need executed in cake.  Sometimes, their design concepts are stunning in their simplicity, but very difficult to reverse-engineer into sugar.  This baptism cake for Ava was no exception!

The invitation was wrapped in lustred and letterpressed linen paper with a water droplet and ripple-pond effect... all in white.  This water droplet and ripple pond was to be the feature of the cake.  Exquisitely different, especially for a Baptism.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | Wedding Sneak Peek |

This weekend in Melbourne the weather was just awful if you were getting married.  Fabulous for trees, not so much for Brides.  We had storms and rain and thunder and more rain, and HUMIDITY.  Oh, and did I mention the rain?

One of my brides this weekend was being photographed by Vanessa at Wildberry (see below for more of Vanessa's amazing shots)... and here is a sneak peak of what she managed to capture in between all the rain!

The bride had a selection of sweets for her wedding picnic - one of our new cookie garlands, featuring the couple's sayings of "love me - hug me - kiss me", some chocolate fudge cake pops, coconut ice, and vanilla bean sugar cookies.

Thanks for the preview Vanessa, can't wait to see the rest of the wedding!

Friday, November 26, 2010

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | New Products! |

A little while ago, I was contacted via facebook by a photographer who had been struck with inspiration about including some of my sweetness in one of her upcoming photoshoots, and would I be interested in colaborating?

Needless to say, I said yes!...

So, in thinking about what my desing brief was - white with touches of red - I wnted to come up with somthing that was a bit special, that would add that touch of "wow" and "I haven't seen anything like this before" - and I think I have succeeded!  Drawing on the inspiration of the current craze for bunting, I set about creating cookie bunting!  Yes, a world-first, so you all have the scoop on something completely new! - bunting made of cookies.  Perfectly decorative, and edible!

As well as the bunting, I wanted something for the bubba to be able to hang onto (this was a baby shoot, after all), so created a centrepiece cookie, which would make a perfect dessert table centrepiece or photobooth prop - as you will see, munching away on one of my centrepiece cookies is quite a feat, and makes for quite the photo!

Also coming off the design table and into reality are Swag Cookies - individually strung cookie, perfect for hanging from the back of the bride and grooms chairs for a perfect "wow" moment - imagine these done as name tags, with each guest receiving their own personlised swag cookie favour!

OK, so enough talk - here are the photos (more to come!):

(All photos courtsesy Wildberry Studios)