Friday, November 26, 2010

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A little while ago, I was contacted via facebook by a photographer who had been struck with inspiration about including some of my sweetness in one of her upcoming photoshoots, and would I be interested in colaborating?

Needless to say, I said yes!...

So, in thinking about what my desing brief was - white with touches of red - I wnted to come up with somthing that was a bit special, that would add that touch of "wow" and "I haven't seen anything like this before" - and I think I have succeeded!  Drawing on the inspiration of the current craze for bunting, I set about creating cookie bunting!  Yes, a world-first, so you all have the scoop on something completely new! - bunting made of cookies.  Perfectly decorative, and edible!

As well as the bunting, I wanted something for the bubba to be able to hang onto (this was a baby shoot, after all), so created a centrepiece cookie, which would make a perfect dessert table centrepiece or photobooth prop - as you will see, munching away on one of my centrepiece cookies is quite a feat, and makes for quite the photo!

Also coming off the design table and into reality are Swag Cookies - individually strung cookie, perfect for hanging from the back of the bride and grooms chairs for a perfect "wow" moment - imagine these done as name tags, with each guest receiving their own personlised swag cookie favour!

OK, so enough talk - here are the photos (more to come!):

(All photos courtsesy Wildberry Studios)

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