Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Recently I had the pleasure of creating a dessert table for an anniversary dinner party.

It's unusual to create a table for such a small event, but I do love a challenge!  There isn't always a call for a full-scale table (especially if you only have 8 guests!), so it was great to take on the challenge and scale a small table to look gorgeous!  I started with the basics - the 'table' was actually a large-ish butlers tray, on top of a cast iron Singer sewing machine table.  To cut the darkness of the wood finish on the tray, I draped over a length of sequinned fabric on the diagonal, so there were tails draping to the floor, rather than a square edge.

Then came the fund part - the dressing!  Using my vintage glass pieces, I created the stage, balanced the height with some gorgeous hydrangeas (source: The Bouquets of Ashca Jolie), then set about filling the pieces with goodies.

Used for this table:
Vintage Mallow Wafers
Gingerbread Sugar Cookie Bows
Pink Vanilla Bean Meringue Clouds
Raspberry Prairie Fudge