Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Recently I had the pleasure of creating a dessert table for an anniversary dinner party.

It's unusual to create a table for such a small event, but I do love a challenge!  There isn't always a call for a full-scale table (especially if you only have 8 guests!), so it was great to take on the challenge and scale a small table to look gorgeous!  I started with the basics - the 'table' was actually a large-ish butlers tray, on top of a cast iron Singer sewing machine table.  To cut the darkness of the wood finish on the tray, I draped over a length of sequinned fabric on the diagonal, so there were tails draping to the floor, rather than a square edge.

Then came the fund part - the dressing!  Using my vintage glass pieces, I created the stage, balanced the height with some gorgeous hydrangeas (source: The Bouquets of Ashca Jolie), then set about filling the pieces with goodies.

Used for this table:
Vintage Mallow Wafers
Gingerbread Sugar Cookie Bows
Pink Vanilla Bean Meringue Clouds
Raspberry Prairie Fudge


  1. Those bow biscuits are just amazing!

  2. any occasion will be surely extra special with these treats!

  3. Do you share you recipe for Raspberry Prairie Fudge??? I would love to have it. The fudge looks like heaven!!