Saturday, March 19, 2011

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | Macarons! |

I have an amazing project coming up next week with some other amazng vendors (that's all I can share - it's a BIG secret!!), and one of the requirements is macarons.  Now, I'm no fan of these little meringey-almondy-thingies at all, so in the past have not put much effort into knowing about them, let alone figuring out the best way of creating them!  But, needed they are, so create them I must... and I'm pretty pleased with them so far.

(These aren't the macarons for the project!)


  1. its so nice to see an update! the macarons look amazing- I LOVE MACS! what flavors are you planning to make for the secret event?

  2. thanks for the comment! can't share the details of the macarons unfortunately, as that would give it away! but stay tuned!