Friday, October 22, 2010

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Ever since the creation of the internet, and our total adaption to life revolving in and around it, I have never been so aware of just how small it has made the world we live in until now.

Even as recently as 10 years ago, if we wanted to talk to someone around the world, we either wrote them a letter and posted it via snail mail, or we spent hours trying to figure out the time differences, and stayed up until an ungodly hour to make sure that they would be awake, in order for us to call them - and then pay the equivalent of a 2nd mortgage to the phone company for the priveledge.

Now, we email at the drop of a pin - we don't even bother to get up off our office chairs to talk tot he personin the next cubicle 10 feet away, we email them instead.  Why waste the spoken word when a typed one is so much easier?  And we Skype too.  We still need to be up at all hour of the night to do it, but at least it costs almost nothing!

So, where am I going with this ramble?   What possible cake connection could there be to this, you ask?  Well, I'm getting to it!

During this past week, there have been many instances cropping up on discussion threads I belong to about photo theft, specifically of cakes, cupcakes and cookies, made by friends of mine, and sometimes my work, that other people on the other side of the world are helping themselves to in order to promote their own businesses.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we can "out" these cheating and stealing businesses as the cheating and stealing thugs that they are - and we can also alert so many people, all around the globe, about what each business is up to , with a single message.  This simply would have been impossible 10 years ago.  Yes, we had the internet, but the power of the "group" was still in its infancy.  Forums and discussion boards were only just coming into being- and now look at what we have achieved.

Adding a protective shield to our work is a new blog, Stop the Cake Thief, and it also has a page on facebook.  What I would like is for each of you reading this post is to stop by the blog, see what it's up to (it's very new, but there are already a couple of businesses named and shamed), spread the word, 'like' the facebook page if you would, and keep an eye out for cake sites that you come accross that don't look right.  Report them, and help us keep our industry honest.

Thank you!

And in other small world news... I got to speak to a fan yesterday, the very lovely Digella, of Digella Emporium, who knows Sharnell, of Sharnel Dollar Designs, who I know through the cake world - how awesome is that?


  1. It was so lovely talking to you yesterday!

    And I love supporting and promoting wonderfully talented people like you.

    Dont worry, there will be more photos on my blog soon of yours, but directing all traffic to you for my readers to BUY BUY BUY your beautiful things.

    Hope soon to meet IRP :)