Thursday, October 21, 2010

| Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats | Custom Cookie Collection |

Quite some time ago now, when I was first inspired to work on opening a little store, I thought about things tht people might like to buy.  Pretty cupcake things, of course, but then also some edibles too, things that would make perfect thank you gifts for shower teas or dinner parties, and the idea for some custom decorated cookies was born.  I spent days searching the net for the perfect cutters to use for my new cookies - cutters that were not available locally, that's for sure!  I finally stumbled upon a small, artisan crafter who makes copper cookie cutters all by hand, to order - perfect!  Here are the results - I hope you enjoy them!

All cookie varieties are for sale now through the store, which you can reach either through the website, or here on the blog (the link is at the top right of this page).  All cookies come individually bagged and tied with ribbon, and are sold in orders of 6 pcs.  All designs are $48 per 6 pcs, plus shipping, and are available in our standard flavours of Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Sable and Spicy Gingerbread.  Please allow 7 days for baking and decorating before despatch when placing your orders, as these are baked and decorated to order only!


  1. Your cookies look perfect! I especially love the trees - so cute!

  2. very unique, i can see u put alot of work in these