Friday, August 7, 2009

Week ending 08 August 2009

The first week of August certainly has been busy! The phone has been ringing off the hook again with Spring wedding and birthday equiries, lovely, thank you!

We also had a wedding today for Nils and Linda, held at the Little Road Chapel in Iona (nr Garflied). This is a lovely little place, with a restored chapel and reception rooms. The bride and groom chose a simple but elegant combination of purple and pearl/off white. The day dawned perfectly clear, which was wonderful after all the rain we've had in the past week!

This week also sees the introduction of a new feature: "Vintage Classics". Every few weeks, I'll track down a classic recipe from our childhoods, and present it here. The first off the list is the iconic Australian Honey Joys. Who doesn't remember these from our school fete's and CWA street-side cake stalls? They are also one of my husband's favourite treats (who knew?), so more than a few batches of HJ's were consumed this week once he saw what I was up to!

If you have any special requests for a treat from your past that you are unable to dig up, let me know, and I'll try to find it out for you.

Next Week: Working on some exciting projects - a magazine shoot, a bridal expo (will post the link tomorrow), and a Christening.

Don't forget to enter the draw for the Steet! Treats hamper, to be drawn on August 14th!

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