Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week ending 29 November 2009

It's giveaway time!

This week, we are launching our second giveaway, and this one, even if I do say so myself, is a pretty special one!

The prize in this giveaway is a copy of the brand new, only-just-printed, hardback edition of Cakes for Romantic Occasions by May Clee-Cadman, owner of British uber-cakery Maisie Fantasie.

To enter, simply visit the Maisie Fantasie website (link below) and tell me via the comments section or by email, which of Maisies' fabulous wedding creations is your favourite, and why. Entries close 5pm EDST Sunday December 6th, and the winner will be selected by me, and (Australian residents only for this comp, please)

Good luck!

Maisie Fantasie wedding cakes:

Now, onto our weeks work:

Two and a half weddings this week - and the half of which we shall save 'til last!

We'll start with Paige and Tony's very stylish event held at Eyensbury Estate... if you think that name sounds familiar, well, that's because we were there only 3 or so weeks ago for Allie and Peter.

This time around, we went for an elegant black, white and silver theme. All cupcakes and the co-ordinating cutting cake were Vanilla Bean. The cupcakes were decorated with a combination of white royal icing trellis work with silver cachou highlights, and black sugarpaste stringwork bows.

The overall effect looked stunning in the marquee with the black and white decor.

Next in the line is Chelsea's wedding... grape violet, silver and balck were the colours of the day, and the overall effect was incredibly striking and very grown-up.

Choosing a combination of royal icing trellis work (now, what are the chances of two brides on different sides of the city choosing the same base design for their weddings, to be held on the same weekend?) and stylized sugarpaste flowers with cachou 'stems', the flavours were a combination of caramel mud and chocolate fudge. The cutting cake was a traditional southern fruit cake, fortified with lots of bourbon!

And last, but by no means least, is our 'half' wedding! Wendy contacted me a little while back to see if I would be able to supply just a cutting cake for her wedding, as a good friend was going to make her the cupcakes, but did not feel up to the challenge of the cutting cake as well. Now, knowing exactly how much this friend had bitten off in offering to make cupckes for a wedding, how could I decline such a request?

The reception was held at Elmswood Estate (we were there in April for Mandy and Rob's wedding too), and the room looked beautiful, decorated in pink and ivory, with paper flowers and lanterns a la Matha Stewart...

The cutting cake is a White Truffle Raspberry, torted with white ganache for complete indulgence in a cake! Ivory fondant over ganache, and decorated with a pair of pink paste dogwood blossoms with white centres.

Well, congratulations to all our brides and grooms for this weekend, and don't forget to get your entries in to win!

Winners will be posted in next week's blog, so don't dawdle!

Happy caking everyone!


  1. Just had a look on Maisie's website - oh my gosh!!!

    They're all beautiful, but my favourite is a toss up between the Peach Pearl wedding cake and the Milano mini cakes. They're both so gorgeous in different ways.

  2. I have always been a huge fan of maisie fantaisie (you're work is right up there as well!), but now that you made me single one out as a fave, I had to go back over them again. I think that I have to choose the manhattan wedding cake, because it seems so simple and doable yet has such an elegance to it. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  3. My favourite is the Diamante Stripe wedding cake - I love the look of a traditional style all-white cake and am a big fan of anything with a touch of bling! It was very hard to pick out just one favourite design though.

  4. My favourite is the Love Poetry, I love the idea
    of having a wedding cake with love poem written on it, it feel very romantic.
    love the soft color too.

  5. My favorite is Polka Dot,
    simple but so chic!

  6. Maisie's work is fantastic i love the magnolia cake for it's simplistic beauty and i also love the choc and blue floral , love those colours together. if i have to choose 1 i'm going with the magnolia. love your blog and your work. Leanne aka aussie sweettooth.