Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Melbourne Wedding Cupcakes
Hey folks, so sorry it has been an entire MONTH (*gasp!*) since I last posted... I have been trying like mad to get this international giveaway happening, and it took me what seems like forever - BUT - we are now sorted, so without further ado - here it is!
Amanda at Bake it Pretty ( is very kindly working with me to bring you this great prize! A $US25 gift card that one lucky reader will score to spend on all the gorgeousness that is Bake it Pretty!

To enter, simply tell me, either in the comments section, or send me an email, what choice you would make from the following options:

At a bridal expo, would you prefer to see:

a. A vast array of cakes, cupcakes and cookies and sweets all decorated in different styles and colours


b. A carefully colour-coordinated display table of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and sweets that show brides what they can achieve on their big day.

Entries will run through to February 28th, and the winner will be chosen via as per all other giveaways. The winner will be announced on the blog at the end of that week.

Good luck, and I'm really curious about your answers!

So, now onto what else we have been up to for the last month!

First up, Erin and Tom.
This couple's cupcakes were chocolate fudge, topped with ivory fondant over vanilla bean buttercreme, and decorated in two styles. The first is one of my signature designs, whimsy, with ruffled flowers, butterflies and rosebuds. The second design is one that is growing in popularity - double ruffled flowers. The colour scheme was burgundy and cream. I think these cupcakes fit the bill perfectly, and the bride and groom were very happy!

Next cab off the rank so to speak, were Amy and Rob.
Amy and Rob used the classic colours scheme of silver and white for their wedding, and went with swirly piping details on both their cake and cupcakes, with a custom (edible) topper to match their wedding logo of intertwined hearts.
These cupcakes were Vanilla Bean, with fondant over vanilla bean buttercreme. The cutting cake was Chocolate Fudge, torted with ganache.
Next up was a 50th birthday celebration for a lovely client who I first worked with last year for her husband's 50th birthday... this year, it was Debbie's turn for a little something special. The design brief was "pretty" with pinks, green and yellow. This is the cake and cupcakes that were created:
Debbie's cupcakes were White Truffle Raspberry and Wildberry Fudge, with fondant over vanilla bean buttercreme. Half were decorated with another signature style "daisies and dots", and the other half received a pink single gerbera with a sparkly green centre.
The matching birthday cake was White Truffle Raspberry torted with white ganache.
Following closely on Debbie's heels, we went straight back into wedding mode for Fiona and Mick, and straight back to the classic colourway of silver and white:
Fiona and Mick chose white double Dogwood blossoms for their flowers, with silver centres, on a white fondant base in silver cases. The overall effect is very striking and elegant, and made a stunning display on the stand.
The cupcakes and cutting cake were all Chocolate Fudge. The cupcakes were fondant over vanilla bean buttercreme, and the cake was torted with both ganache and vanilla bean buttercreme.
Last on our list is the wedding of Stavrelle and Yannis. This was to be a fairytale come true for Stavrelle, who had planned her day down to the smallest detail - event giving guests small Cinderella's pumpkin carriage candles!
The cupcakes and cutting cake were all White Truffle Raspberry. The cake was torted with ganache, and the cupcakes received fondant over vanilla bean buttercreme.
The cutting cake and some of the cupcakes were decorated with sparkly ruffled double flowers with a small paste butterfly resting on the petals. The cake was completely covered in the flowers, and looked even more stunning in person than in the photo, as all the flowers sparkled under the lights from their treatment with edible glitter!
The balance of the cupcakes were decorated in my signature "whimsy" style, this time in all-white... and looked wonderful!
So, while all this was happening, our second bridal magazine feature appeared on the newsstands:
Not only did we feature in the full-page "photo-torial", but we also scored several pages of support throughout the Mother of the Bride fashion section:

And finally (yes, we had to get there eventually!), we are really thrilled to announce that we are now creating cutom-imaging cookies! Now you can coordinate your entire event - right down to the cookies!
So, that's it folks - see you on Valentine's Day for a wrap-up of this week!


  1. Definitely B.Everyone has different styles so you need to show different things:)

  2. I agree. Definitely B. I would prefer to see how things can work together. A huge variety of different things could be too much.

  3. I would have to say option B. So many expos I've been to, there are tonnes of cakes, but no way of getting an idea of how they'd look with the rest of a colour scheme.

  4. Im going to go against the majority and say A.
    Even though a co-ordinated table would look visually much better I think brides still need to see different styles.
    They may not like the style you choose for your display in B and therefore may put off potential customers if they can't see your other designs.
    Just my opinion really as I have come across some real Bridezilla's!