Sunday, March 28, 2010

Melbourne Wedding Cake | Cupcakes
This week we have been very busy - with three weddings and a.... gotcha!  No, no funeral! (Now you know you filled that line in, admit it!)  Just three weddings!

First up, Frilyn and Russell:

This cake is two tiers, a square 9" base of Caramel Dream filled with caramel buttercreme, and a round 6" top of Java Jolt filled with mocha buttercreme.  Both cakes are covered with ivory fondant over ganache, and the base tier is also brushed with edible gold lustre.

The couple's names are piped nto the presentation board, and are also highlighted with the same edible gold lustre.  The two toppers were supplied by the clients.

Next are Katie and Steve.

The overall theme of the wedding was elegant peacocks, and the cupcakes for this event were to represent the tail of the peacock, striking in it's majesty.  The cupcakes are a mix of Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Fudge, and each is crowned with a swirl of vanilla bean buttercreme, and topped with a single, hand-painted and styled sugar-paste peacock feather.

The co-ordinating cutting cake is Chocolate Fudge, filled with chocolate truffle filling, with bridal white fondant over ganache.  It is styled with a arch of sugar-paste peacock feathers.

And finally we have Caroline and Scott.

This two tier cake and cupcakes was a tale of pure romance.  The top cake of two tiers, a 7" round base in White Truffle with white truffle filling, and 5" round top of Chocolate Fudge with chocolate truffle filling, is covered in white fondant over ganache, and decorated with a tumbling arbour of overblown China Roses and perfectly bloomed Tea Roses, and a pair of pink pierced-work butterflies.

Cupcakes to match the cutting cake were White Truffle, and were served to the parents of the bride and groom and the bridal party. Other cupcakes were decorated in two styles - half with a single pierced-work butterfly, and half with piped initials "SC" for the Bride and Groom.

Next week we have Easter, which I have closed out in the diary to have some peace and quiet with my family (and what is they say about hte best laid plans??)... then straight back to it with birthdays galore, and more weddings (the season is running later this year!), and I'll show you some concept details for a couple of parties coming up...

Happy baking!

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