Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wedding Cake | Cupcakes | Melbourne

Sorry to start this post off on a bit of a downer, but there are a couple of housekeeping things I need to get out the way first:

1. Blog updates and photos.  Due to item No2, my most creative cake and cupake designs will no longer be featured on my blog, sorry.  If you see some of my work in promotions, and would like to see more images, or feature these images on your own blog or site, please contact me, and I'd be more than happy to provide you with images directly.
2. Photo theft.  During the past month, I received an email accusing me of lifting photos of cakes off another site.  The problem is, the photos on that other site are actually photos that I provided specifically for them to feature - and they even have a "click back" link straight to me, so I'm not quite sure what made the "anon" emailer accuse me of photo theft.  So, as a result, I will not be posting any new creations anywhere except my website.  I'm sorry, but until I can get to the bottom of this issue, this is the way it has to be.
3. Accusations of theft will be rigourously defended.  If you email me anonomously and accuse me of stealing photos, please be very aware that your accusations are libelous and defamatory, and will be treated as such.  All emails have an IP address that is trackable, so you are not in fact "anon".  Legal action will be taken to protect my reputation, without hesitation.  (If there is ever a concern that I have featured a photo that is not in fact mine, please do not be afraid to contact me for clarification - I will not ignore you, but don't accuse me of photo theft until you have heard from me in the first instance)  Otherwise, you and my lawyers will get to know each other very well...
And finally
4.  Do not use my photos on your site without my prior consent.  This is the other reason why my newest works will no longer feature on the www - folks who like to take what isn't theirs and pass it off as their own.  From cupcakes in California, to cake stores in Greece, there is a prolific tendance to resume that becuase something is represented electronically, it's free reign as to who uses it.  NO.  That is not the way it works.  Any photogrpahy that I produce is held under Copyright, which is internationally enforceable.  If I find my work on your site without my permission (or at the very least a photcredit and click-back link), I will request that you take it down.  That is my right as Copyright Owner.

OK, so now the tuff stuff is out there, here is some of what I have been up to lately:

First up, some Shabby Chic cupcakes for Dionne and Mark.  This wedding was held at the stunning Stones Vineyard in the Yarra Valley.  Gorgeous venue, and really lovely staff to boot - that certainly makes everyone's life easier!

These cupcakes were a 50/50 blend of  Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Fudge.  All were topped with a swirl of vanilla bean buttercreme, and a sprinkle of lustred fondant pearls (edible).  The cutting cake was a flourless orange and poppyseed,with vanilla bean buttercreme over white ganache.

Next comes a very traditional take on my trellis design for Amanda and Josh.

Three separate tiers - Chocolate Almond, White Truffle Raspberry and Traditional Bourbon Fruitcake.  All were covered in bridal white fondant over ganache/almond pate (fruitcake).  The top of each tier was then decorated with my trellis pattern in ivory royal icing, and trimmed with silver cachous.

And finally we have a redux on my Mimosa Cake (cherry blossom) for Andrea, with matching cupcakes as well.

This cake is Chocolate Fudge, torted with ganache, with bridal white fondant over ganache.  The matching cupcakes were also Chocolate Fudge, and were bridal white fondant over chocolate buttercreme.  (cupcakes not pictured).  This execution of the deisgn also features blossom buds for the first time.  I think this is my favourite execution of this design so far!

Next up we have a wedding at the stunning Lindenderry @ Red Hill, featuring a new stand, so stay tuned for that one next week!

And don't despair - I will keep my promise and show you the two party shoots I have coming up - Marie Antoinette and a secret shoot for the first weekend in June... big things on the way!

Happy caking!


  1. A HUGE congrats on the Amy Atlas feature! That's amazing!!!

  2. the cherry blossom cake is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Thank you Mel, I was rather excited to see myself featured - let alone the wonderful words given to me as well!

    And thank you Blissful Nest - the cherry blossomis one of my all-time favourites.