Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding Cakes Melbourne

Here are a couple of new designs for the coming 2010-11 wedding season!


This cake features three tiers on a vintage glass stand, with the top two tiers supported on a second vintage stand, giving an imposing height and visual presence to the cake, even though this is a fairly regular-sized wedding cake, serving 95 guests for coffee / 50 for dessert.

Each tier features embossed quilting, and the top two tiers are set off by a hand-cut and shaped sugarpaste flower with a button centre.

Thouroughly Modern Millie

Millie features hand painted fondant, here in shades or orange, with gold lustre brushed over for a soft glow.  The face of the cake is then decorated with a modern, edible-gold-painted tree, with a smattering of hand cut and shaped blooms, all with gold cachou centres, and an edible-gold painted edging on the outer petals.

See you next post for a chocolate-themed dessert table!


  1. I love both of these designs, but I am truely in love with the second cake here! the design reminds me of a wrought iron work of art.......
    absolutely beautiful!

  2. So beautiful cakes. I loved the last one. The décor detailing on it is reflecting the sunshine theme. At a local event venue Atlanta we will have the sunshine themed reception party so I think that this cake would be just perfect for my special day.