Monday, April 4, 2011

{ Marie Antoinette Shoot }

A little while ago, I was commissioned to create some giant cupcakes (not cake sized, literally giant, regular, single serve cupcakes) for a photoshoot... the only brief was pretty, pale pink, pale blue, and must, absolutely must, feature my signature ruffled blooms.

I am more than a little gob-smacked by the resulting photos!  Stunning doesn't quite say enough - spectacular, perhaps?  Hmm, still not quite there... I'll let you be the judge!

These images were shot by Vanessa at Wildberry Studio (you may remember Vanessa from my cookie bunting and centrepiece cookie photos), and the entire photoshoot (get ready for some serious eyecandy!) was picked up on Rock and Roll Bride, which you can see here...


  1. looks yummy - love the colours in the photos

  2. Amazing! love your blog and yes i will follow!