Monday, September 21, 2009

Week ending 20 September 2009

Sorry folks, life has been so busy these past couple of weeks that I completely missed posting for the 13th of September, and here it is the 22nd already, and I am only just posting for the 20th!

Well, as of 12:15pm today, the photoshoot for Melbourne Wedding and Bride is done.

Here is a teaser shot of what will be on newstands from December 2009:

So, what else have we been working on for the past couple of weeks you ask?

Well, answering the phone a lot, that's for sure! The level of enquiry that I am receiving at the moment is huge, thank you! Enquiries are ranging from short-term (as in, this Sunday!) to long term (November 2010!)... but they are all equally welcome, and they keep the days interesting - I love hearing about people's ideas, and how they want to incorporate cupcakes (and cookies too) and cakes into their big day.

Let's see, I took the Father's Day weekend off, and spent some quality time with my husband. Amazing, I know, and we even squeezed in another roast dinner for good measure!

Then we hit the kitchen pretty hard, with flower orders, and cupcake weddings, and a birthday, and a shower tea as well, which incorporated both cupcakes and cookies with messages of love on them. They were a huge hit, which is always great to hear.

So, onto the photos, which I know you want to see:

First up, the wedding of Trish and Pete. Pete is a muso, so music had to feature strongly throughout the wedding and celebration afterwards. What better way than to incorporate two musical symbols into the cake?

So, a mixture of white truffle and carrot cake cupcakes were the order of the day, with a matching caramel mud cutting cake. The decoration speaks for itself really - treble and base cleffs piped in royal icing and overpainted with edible silver lustre.

Then we had a Bridal Shower / Kitchen Tea for Sarah. The order of the day was pink and white, very girly, very "lovely". This is the result of that wish list:

Then we celebrated a 15th birthday with giant daisies on vanilla bean cupcakes. An army of daisy cupcakes in fact! For some reason, I couldn't get "Wee-ee-eed" (from 'Bill and Ben, the Flower Pot Men') out of my head when I was assembling these lovelies... (wee-ee-eed was their favourite word) - you be the judge:

Last up are some cupcakes I sort of threw together at the last minute for a meeting with one of my suppliers who did me a favour for some material for the cake stand for the Melbourne Wedding and Bride shoot...

Phew, so that's the thge last couple of week's photos out of the way... big wedding coming up next weekend, pink and white and silver, should look splendid, plus a High Tea for a 50th birthday... and designs for a fabulous Art Deco wedding to do, plus the next Target catalogue should be out next week too... here is a big look at the shot ('cause you can bet the shot in the catalogue will be teenie-tiny):

Plus a big cake design to work on, then after that, our last wedding expo for the year at Amberlee Estate in Cranbourne. More details on that next week!
Have a good week everyone!

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