Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week ending 6th September 2009

Another busy week ahs passed us by, and it is now officially Spring, and there are only15 weeks until Christmas. How scary is that? Where has the year gone??

As usual, the best laid plans for some "me" time seemed to vanish into the ether, and we had four orders and another photoshoot demanding attention for the week!

First up was a 21st birthday for the lovely Paris.

These were a mixture of two designs and flavours. The first (pictured) were chocolate fudge cupcakes, with pink fondant over buttercream, and decorated with a royal icing "21" highighted with edible silver lustre.

The second (not pictured) were white truffle cupcakes with a pink buttercream swirl and decorated with a white paste star, overpiped with a royal icing "21" highlighted with pink lustre.

Our next order came in two parts. The first part were these gorgeous Birthday Gingerbread Men, for the birthday boy to take to school for all his classmates (and Teacher!) to enjoy. His Mum reported that they were a huge success! The theme was blue and green, so all the G-Men were trimmed with a lovely woven blue and green ribbon.

Second part of this order was for the following day for a family celebration - vanilla bean cupcakes again in shades of blue and green; this time decorated with blue sugar handmade Leggo pieces (propped on a royal icing swirl) with fondant over buttercream. The blue cupcakes were topped with a green paste "9".

Our final order was for a remote wedding at The Lakehouse in Daylesford. These were being collected by a relative, so unfortunately I don't have a photo of everything set up ready to go, but you can get the general idea below.

This order was comprised of lemon delicious cupcakes, decorated in two styles: First was a buttercream swirl topped with a red, double Dogwood blossom with white centre. Second was white fondant over buttercream, trimmed in a quilted pattern with small silver cachous and red mini-blossoms.

The matching cutting cake was dulce de leche, with caramel ganache under buttercream, and trimmed with a red chiffon ribbon and two red, double Dogwood blossoms.

Last on the board for this week was another photoshoot order, which we don't have pictures for yet - in fact, I don't know yet which catalogue it's goinmg into, or even if it was for Target! I do know it was for a girl's tea party shoot, and the colours were peachy pink and dirty blue, with little white flowers to feature... but that's it! Hopefully this week I'll see the picture and find out where it's destined to show up, so I can let you all know when to look out for it!

Next Week - well, next week is so far shaping up as it's booked... quiet (only a couple of orders) and lots of time to get my flowers done for the photoshoot on the 22nd for the Bridal mag. After that, well, that's prime Wedding Season right up until New Years. But that date is likely to book out soon too! Oh, well, no rest for the wicked!

Have a great week, and see you back here next Sunday!

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