Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week ending 27 September 2009
This week was a busy one...
First up on the Tuesday we had our photoshoot (which we talked about in our last post here), and that was an experience - especially when the studio rang to say that the photos were corrupted and it would all have to be reshot! (Glad I'm not the photographer!)
We had some floral weork in the middle of the week and runniong around with appointments, then onto the sweet stuff at the end of the week.
First up was a Friday wedding for Jackie and Peter, held at Potters in Warrandyte.
The spec was for Asiatic lillies with hot pink, with silver, white and hot pink accents.
This is the result of that design brief:
A cutting cake of vanilla bean, torted with vanilla bean buttercream, with white fondant over ganache. A single Asiatic lilly sits on top of the cake, and the base of the cake is banded by a hot pink satin ribbon.

The co-ordinating cupcakes were a mixture of vanilla bean and chocolate fudge, all in silver cases, with white fondant over vanilla bean buttercream, and decorated with a swirly monogram of the couples' initials in hot pink royal icing.

Next order on the calendar was for a 50th birthday high tea, where the overall theme was the colour lavendar. So we went a bit to town with this one, as what else can you do for a high tea but be grand?!

So, vanilla bean cupcakes in silver cases were the order of the day, with lilac fondant over vanilla bean buttercream. Three decorative styles made up the order; 1 - purple hydrangea blossoms with pink royal icing centres and some baby lilac edible glitter; 2 - lilac sugarpaste butterfly with an edible silver glitter body and a pink "...50..." piping detail; 3 - dark purple rosebuds with lavendar royal icing polka dot details and baby lilac edible glitter (not pictured)

Las order on the books for the weekend was a mini-cupcake order for a 2nd birthday celebration with a Dora the Explorer theme. Plain and simple was the request (2 year olds are not big on fussy details!), in the Dora colours of pink, purple and orange.
Vanilla bean mini-cupcakes in white foil cases, with vanilla bean buttercream snail-shell swirls, topped by sugarpaste hearts with a royal icing "2" motif, and royal icing 5-petal flowers again in Dora's colours of purple, pink and orange.

This week we haveappointments up the rahzoo, and our last Expo for the year is this coming Sunday, at Amberlee Estate in Cranbourne. We will also be putting the finishing touches to a cupcake fundraiser where we hope to be the sole cupcake sponsor, so when details for that are locked away, I shall spill all.

Here is the link for the Amberlee Expo... looking forward to seeing you there!

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